ZeroLandfill Twin Cities

an industry initiative to repurpose specificiation samples

Fox 9 Coverage of the Harvest September 21, 2010

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View the video on Fox 9’s website of our 2010 ZeroLandfill success.  Congratulations to the Twin Cities ZeroLandfill planning committee and a huge Thank You to all of the generous volunteers.


What did you do with your ZeroLandfill Samples???? September 16, 2010

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Tell us your story and share your photographs!!  Send an email to us via our contacts tab with your experience and ideas for repurposing your ZeroLandfill treasures.

Did you turn Plastic Laminate samples into a homemade Memory game???:





The numbers are in…. September 14, 2010

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….8,630 lbs of finishes have been donated to ZeroLandfill Twin Cities Site!!  The best part about this: That’s 8,630 less pounds that would have been added to a landfill.


While designers and product reps stare at the prime real estate that had previously been taken up by these old discontinued samples, they smile inside knowing that these have now been repurposed to gracious teachers, artist, and the public.  Who knew that you could create the game Memory from PLAM samples, or use old brick samples for landscaping?  How about cardboard tubes for bracelets?  There are many new uses for these old products that after a few ideas during Harvest, many individuals filled carloads with products. 



Check out the Events Tab for more images on the Cultivate and Harvest!!  Additionally, if you have taken donations from ZeroLandfill and have repurposed your product into a new one, please send your images or stories to our ZeroLandfill representative denoted on the Contact Tab and we will share your stories with others.